I currently have one app in the Google Play Store: a guide to the red mushroom houses in the "new" Super Mario Wii.

How to play

This is NOT A GAME. Let me repeat that: This is NOT A GAME. Please don't give me one star in the app store because you can't figure out how to play, and haven't read the app description. It's crazy frustrating for a developer to be giving out something for free, with a description that explains exactly what the app does, and get a bunch of bad reviews because people are disappointed it's not a game.

How to actually use

Buy Super Mario Brothers Wii. Get yourself to a red mushroom house

  1. The first screen shows 9 buttons, one for each world. Click the button for the world you're on.
  2. The second screen shows a table that matches the table inside the mushroom house. The green squares indicate squares you can safely pick, because there's a good item inside. The other squares are unknown or bad. Since there are multiple options for each square, I can't immediately let you know everything that's safe to pick.
  3. In the Wii game, pick one of the safe (green) squares. Enter the item you get into the app, and it will show you what more squares are. You may have to do this a couple times to find out the hidden squares.
  4. Get all the items in the Wii game!


If you're an android marketer, advertiser, or anything along those lines please do not contact me. I'm not interested, and have no desire to monetize this app. Emails to that end will be marked spam.