Can you help me install TICKET?
No. The software is ancient and no longer supported. My research has moved on to other areas. Sorry. You can get the source, but all questions will have to be directed to Google Search.

Would you like to buy a new network switch/hub/router/cat5 cable, invest in my network start-up/company/penny stock, help me with my homework/thesis/proposal, Dr. Weigle?
No. No. No..., and No. Unless we've physically met at a conference, workshop, or you know one of my colleagues, I'm not interested.

Are you part of that "Nationalist" organization? I saw your name there from Google.
No. While Google sometimes returns some racist idiot when you type in "Eric Weigle", it's a totally different person, who unfortunately shares the same name. I'm neither a criminal nor one of those moronic white supremacists. Ever hear of hybrid vigor? Also, we are all related. Gah, people are dumb.

You sound like a jerk. Do you kick puppies and steal candy from babies, too?
No. I love puppies and kittens even though I'm allergic. You shouldn't give candy to babies unless you want them to grow into fat, diabetic adults. As evidence of my non-jerkiness, here's a list of some of the volunteer/charity work I do/did:
  • I ran the UCSD Men's ultimate team message board and various mailng lists.
  • In grad school I was the UCSD CSE-GSA "virtual community catalyst." I built the original CSE GSA site.
  • I was an escort for the Challenged Athletes Foundation's 2006 San Diego Triathlon Challenge and helped run the 2007 TritonMan Triathlon.
  • I wrote and support software for a Valentine's day fundraiser which matches people based on questionnaires. I donated it to my high school's NHS, and the proceeds have earned them approximately $600/year since 1996.
I also donate to the following organizations (and others):

Do any of your FAQ's get answered with a 'yes'?

Why'd you pick the name weedissent?
All the good names were taken, and I thought it was appropriate.

Also, it can be read as "weed is sent." That doesn't really make much sense, but my nickname from fifth grade for several years was "weed"-- because we got to pick them. At the time I chose weed, "because my mom says I grow like a weed." Nobody would tell me why that was funny for weeks, and the name stuck for years. I had a sheltered childhood.

Also, it has a bunch of cool anagrams: "We sensed it", "need wisest" "I need stews!", "Dine, sweets", "Wise, tensed"